Create/View Surveys

How do I create and conduct a Survey?

  • Click on “Manage Surveys” from the menu on the left-hand side

  • Click on “Add New Survey”

  • Enter the survey name, number of teachers who would be going through the feedback process. Then select the start date and the end date of the survey which indicates that the survey will be conducted in between these dates.

  • Now click on the ‘Next’ button to go to the new page from where you can add the teachers with the help of the ‘Add Staff’ button

  • Now select the Teacher’s Name, Department, Section(Class+Division) and Subject from provided drop-down boxes, and enter the number of students who would be giving the feedback on the selected teachers

  • Save the information by clicking on the ‘Save Info’ button

  • Again click on the ‘Add Staff’ button to add the next teacher’s information

  • You can only add those Teachers whom you have added while creating the new survey

  • After adding, click on "Manage Survey" from the menu on the left-hand side to view the added Staffs' information by clicking on the ‘View’ button of scheduled survey name.

  • In any condition, if you don't have time to add Staff in the scheduled survey, then you can add Staff later just clicking on the ‘View’ button

  • Click on “Print” button, to view the pdf having security keys which will be used as credentials for “feedback” URL. Security keys will be used by students. Download the pdf

  • Open the URL, and distribute the security keys among selected students to give feedback

  • "Force Close" button : If in any case, the survey is not completed of any staff member, by any situation, you can close the survey by just click on “Force Close” button from survey

  • "Remove" button : In case, you have added any staff member by mistake or your planning has been changed after adding staff member, then you are able to remove that particular staff member entry from the scheduled survey, before feedback process

  • When the Admin submits all the reports, you can see the status get changed to ‘Completed’"

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