TeaQIP Student Feedback System

About TeaQIP Student Feedback System

TeaQIP is a novel student feedback system that helps the teachers to improve their teaching quality and make their teaching learning-oriented, impactful, exciting, and relevant to the requirements of the society, industry, business, and students’ expectations.

Based on systematic feedback from the students on their teachers on all the teaching parameters, the TeaQIP feedback system, after due analysis and diagnosis generates detailed and customized corrective advice for every teacher. An overall Advisory Report for the whole school/college also gets generated which highlights the remedial actions which need to be taken by the Management / Principal of schools and colleges for the overall improvement of the teaching-learning process in their respective institutions. It also generates historical analytics based on various variables enabling the policymakers at the Management and Government level to take key policy decisions for improving the teaching-learning process.

Aim of TeaQIP

Help teachers to improve their teaching quality, make their teaching impactful, learning-oriented, and relevant to the requirements of the students, industry, and society in general.

Direct Benefits of TeaQIP

  • Improves the learning outcome in students

  • Establishes a constructive and secure communication between teachers and students

  • Strengthens the student-teacher relationship which binds them into one team

  • Improves accountability and keep teachers on the path of continuous improvement

  • Makes students participate constructively to help their teachers improve their teaching

  • Makes learning an exciting experience for students

  • Enables our students to get suitably employed and successfully pursue a career of choice

Collateral Benefits of TeaQIP

  • Focuses the attention of all teachers towards correct teaching practices

  • Management/Principal can take timely corrective measures

  • Gives a platform to the students by which they can voice their problems and suggestions

  • Raises the confidence level of students and their parents in the institution

  • All the colleges of any group/ city/state/country could be bench-marked

  • TeaQIP ushers in a win-win situation for all the stakeholders i.e. students, teachers, parents, management, and the Govt.


  • TeaQIP is the best teacher support system that helps the teachers to achieve teaching excellence in the shortest time

  • It’s the first student-inclusive teaching quality improvement system

  • TeaQIP advice in every teaching parameter is customized for every teacher

  • It can also generate historical analytics at the level of individual teachers, subjects, departments, institutions, groups, city, and region

  • Students’ feedback responses are fully tamper-proof

  • The identity of the students is fully protected as it is anonymous

  • The margin of error is minimal as the scores are averaged out and biased feedbacks are rejected by the system

  • Authenticity, reliability, and objectivity of the TeaQIP Report is very high

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