View Staff Advisory Reports

This is the all-important output of the TeaQIP process which fulfills the whole purpose of TeaQIP. Here you get to see the Advisory Report in respect of all the teachers and also the bird’s eye view of the school as a whole after an in-depth analysis of the students’ feedback. All the reports are submitted to the Principal and all the entities above him/her for their further necessary corrective actions.

It should be noted that the full confidentiality of the Advisory Report in respect of all teachers and other Analytical representations should be maintained by all the entities.

📊 View Staffs' Advisory Reports:

  • First, select the Sub-Group Name, then select the Institution, then select the teacher’s Name, whose report you want to view, and finally the name of the Survey

  • Click on the ‘View’ button to see the Advisory Report of the Staff member from the selected Survey

  • You can see the Staff Advisory Report like below :

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