Add/View Sub-Groups

How do I add new Sub Groups?

  • Click on the ‘View Sub-Groups’ link from the menu bar on the extreme left-hand side

  • Click on the ‘Add New’ button on the right-hand side

  • You can only add the Sub-Group’s name, Username, Password, Email of the new

    Sub-Group and assign the number of licenses as you deem fit to the Sub-Group

  • License means the number of Teachers whose feedback surveys are required to be taken

  • Click on ‘Update Info’ to add the new Sub-Group into the TeaQIP system

  • Group Head can add more Sub-Group Heads and assign them Licences depending on the number of teachers for whom feedback needs to be taken

  • To Remove : Before Click on "Update Info", Group Head can remove the entry, just by clicking on "X" button on right side of Config Licences

  • But once you clicked on "Update Info", you can not remove that User entry

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