Getting Started With Dashboard:

  • Make sure all the PC and System Requirements are met before moving on to the next step

  • Open a web browser and access the provided URL and log in to the site/platform as explained earlier

  • Make sure you are signed in as the Group Head

  • After signing-in, the landing page as seen below will be visible to the Group Head from where he/she can see all the required information on the status and progress of all feedback activities, reports, and analytics updated in real-time.

  • If the screen shows a Dashboard that looks like the one below, you are signed in to the site

  • In the upper right you should see "Welcome YOUR "first name", "Last Name",YOUR "Group Name" and you are logged in as your "Designation" i.e. Group Head

  • A Dashboard is a place where you get to see a summary of all the important activities of the system and their progress

  • Some of the important information for the Group Head to see up-front are :

  1. Expiry Date of Licences which are allocated by Super Admin during registration

  2. Total number of Sub-Groups of the Group added in the TeaQIP system

  3. Total number of Institutions of the Group added in the TeaQIP system

  4. Total number of Departments added in Institutions of Sub-Groups in case of College Group

  5. Total number of Staff of the Group added in the TeaQIP system

  6. Total number of Subjects of the Group added in the TeaQIP system

  7. Total number of feedbacks taken in the Group as on date

  8. ​"Detailed Analytics" link is used to see the analytical reports of all added Institutions (Note that : Once first Survey is conducted by any added Institutions & Reports are released, then only "Detailed Analytics" button get appeared)

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